Other Services

Lionair offers also the following services:

Aerial Photography and Survey

Our helicopter charter service may be optimized for aerial photography.

Using cameras that are either hand-held photographs may be taken by a photographer or triggered remotely.

These photographs may be used in cartography or the making of maps, land-use planning, archaeology, and urban development planning.

Aerial Survey

Conducting aerial surveys from a helicopter can provide information on many things not visible from the ground.

Aerial surveys may be used for archaeology, fishery surveys, land surveys, mining and monitoring vegetation.

Helicopters are also often the best and most efficient way to survey the extent of a devastation brought on by a calamity.

Flower Dropping

Apart from being used in relation to aerial surveillance and other business purposes, a helicopter may also be chartered to add a personal touch to affairs such as birthdays, wedding proposals and engagements.

A helicopter can be chartered to shower the couple with rose petals as the man goes down on one knee or just as the celebrant is about to blow the candles on the birthday cake.

Or on more solemn occasions like a funeral, just as loved ones bid their last goodbye, rose petals may descend from the sky.

Movies, TV, Advertisements

Helicopters may also be chartered and used as part of films, commercials, TV shows or movies.



Charter Flights


No matter how fast-paced doing business today has become, nothing can beat the power of a hand shake and that relationships that are formed from face to face meetings.


To a businessman whose every minute counts, chartering a helicopter or executive jets provide the ultimate in flexibility and convenience so you can make better use of your time and increase your productivity.