Our Fleets

Lion Air Inc. is offering six (6) executive jets for charter:

Cessna Citation 500

The Cessna Citation is a 6-seat short range aircraft. This aircraft was completely refurbished in September 2007 and refitted with new avionics and got a nice new painwork as well. Ideal for short business trip of not more than 3hrs duration. The interior can be quickly converted from executive seating to air ambulance configuration.

The minimum requirements for operations in the Citation C500 are one Pilot and One Co-pilot. The Citation is pressurized low-wing monoplane.




Aircraft Description: Twin Engine, Low-wing turbo-pan aircraft. Air-conditioned, Pressurized

Accommodations: Crew seats Pilot and Co-pilot  

Passenger: 6 passenger seats (Executive Configuration)

Ambulatory Seats: 1 patient, 2 or 3 Medical team, 1 or 2 relatives  


Westwind 1

The Westwind I, manufactured by the Gulfstream Corporation is fully certified for worldwide operations. It was completely refurbished 4 years ago and look new. It seats 7 passengers infireblocked interior in 5 Club style seats in tan leather (1) 2 place divan in custom tan fabric, 3 executive tables with two drink rails.


It has a range of over 2000 nautical miles or over 5 hrs non-stop flight, cruises at over 420 knots, at altitude of 45,000 ft. a private aft lavatory features a lighted mirrored vanity with sink, airline-style electric flushing toilet, large storage area, and solid privacy doors.



Westwind 2

The Westwind II is a newer and longer range version of the Westwing I. It has all the features of the Westwind I described above plus a longer range of over 6 Hours of non-stop flying. It fully certified for worldwide operations.



Kingair B200

The Super Kingair 200 series is a transport category aircraft, certified in accordance with FAR Part 23 airworthiness for single / dual pilot, IFR,VFR,day night, and icing condition operation. The lowing cabin class turboprop has an optimum range of approximately 1,800 nautical miles with full fuel with a maximum cruise speed of 290 kts.


The 200 is certified to an operating altitude of 31,000 ft and the B200 to 35,000 ft. The Engines, Two wing-mounted, Pratt and Whitney PT6A-41 (200) or PT6A-42 (B200) turbopropeller engines power the aircraft.





Description: Twin Engine Turbine Engine, Low-wing, Air-conditioned, Pressurized

Accommodations: Pilot and Co-pilot  

Passenger: 7 passenger seats (Executive Seats)




The L 410 UVP is intended for the transport of passengers and cargo. The aircraft can be operated from hard runways and from unprepared airstrips as well. The aircraft is driven by two M 601 B or M 601 D turbo-prop engines installed in nacelles on the wing.


The engines are equipped with a water injection system to maintain maximum take off power at higher atmospheric temperatures. The aircraft can be operated and landed under IFR conditions in accordance with operating regulations on airports equipped with required ground equipment.


Description: Twin Engine, Turbo-prop, High-wing, Air-conditioned

Accommodations: Pilot and Co-pilot  

Passenger: Seventeen passenger seats (standard configuration)

Fifteen passenger seats
(executive configuration)


Robinson R44

For those who expect excellence and appreciate value, at last there's the R44 Raven. Quite simply, the Raven delivers the performance of an expensive turbine helicopter at an affordable piston price. Its sleek design, impressive speed, and unparalleled reliability give it the competitive edge in today's fast-paced, changing environment.


The R44 Raven is offered in two models: The R44 Raven I offers turbine performance at an affordable piston price with high reliability, fuel economy, endurance, and comfortable hydraulic controls. Introducing the R44 Raven II, the latest derivative of the very successful and proven R44 helicopter line. The Raven II is equipped with a fuel-injected, angle-valve, tuned-induction, IO-540 Lycoming engine which produces substantially more power and gives the Raven II greater altitude performance, more payload, and increased speed. The new fuel-injected engine provides higher power for better performance and eliminates the need for carburetor heat. The engine is derated to 245 HP for 5 minutes and 205 HP maximum continuous rating, to assure a longer life and lower cost of maintenance.


Overall, the Raven II provides a favorable 100 lb increase in the R44’s gross weight and increased IGE and OGE hover ceilings, while eliminating the carburetor and carburetor icing problems. Another major enhancement is the reduced noise level of the Raven II. The quieter helicopter features redesigned main and tail rotor blades. Both sets of rotors are fitted with noise attenuating blade tip caps that decrease flyover noise by 1dB. The main rotor blades also have more surface area for increased lifting capability at altitude.


Description: Raven I - Single Engine, Piston, Non-aircon
Raven II - Single Engine, Air-conditioned


Crew Seats: 1 Pilot  

Passenger: 3 Passenger seats



Charter Flights


No matter how fast-paced doing business today has become, nothing can beat the power of a hand shake and that relationships that are formed from face to face meetings.


To a businessman whose every minute counts, chartering a helicopter or executive jets provide the ultimate in flexibility and convenience so you can make better use of your time and increase your productivity.