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    Safety and comfort, Charter Flight
    Lionair can schedule and make all the necessary arrangements for your charter flight
    The main base of Operations is in Manila
    with service support facilities in Boracay and Malaysia.
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    That's How We Fly
    Only when you make every aspect of your operation a top priority
    can you truly be a leader in the sky. That's what we do.
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    Charter Flights in BORACAY
    Book a helicopter to fly you from Boracay Island to Caticlan Airport or vice versa.
    Get free pick up or drop off at your hotel door with our shuttle service.

about us

Lionair is the leading helicopter and
executive jets charter service company in the Philippines.

Our fleet of executive jets, turbo props and helicopters
lets you choose an aircraft that will perfectly suit your travel needs.


" Cost effectiveness Without Compromise to Safety"

At the very heart of our business is Lionair’s core philosophy
This principle drives Lionair to be focused on maintaining only the highest standards of quality
and excellence as specified by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines and other regulatory authorities.

Lionair invests heavily on setting up its base
standards for manpower and equipment through trainings and quality audits.

Air Ambulance

Lionair together with our partner, Advance Life Support “Life Line” is committed to providing quality pre-hospital medical care and is equipped to immediately and efficiently provide medical airlift or air ambulance services from anywhere in the Philippines and around the region.

Lionair also provides air ambulance services through the Executive Jets Asia (EJA)
and it's fully owned subsidiary Flying Doctors Asia (FDA).
Call US : 0917- 7232327      Mail : reservations@lionairinc.com

Charter Flights in Boracay

Lionair offers charter flights within Boracay with the following services

Airport Transfer

Book a helicopter to fly you from Boracay Island to Caticlan Airport or vice versa. Get free pick up or drop off at your hotel door with our shuttle service.
* A maximum 20 kilos is allowed for this flight.

Beach Tour

A ten minute helicopter tour where you can enjoy the aerial views of Boracay world famous 3 kilometer white sand beach..

Island Tour

Experience a 15 minute helicopter tour to the entire Boracay Island. Take an aerial stroll as you fly above the Tambisaan Reef, Bulabog Beach and Puka Shell Beach.

VIP or Sunset Tour

Take flight and relish spectacular beach sunset of Boracay. This 20 minute helicopter ride is both breath-taking and romantic.

Our fleet

Lionair Inc. is offering seven (7) executive jets for charter.


​Lionair is the exclusive distributor and service center of robinson helicopter company(US) in the Philippines.

R44 Raven/Clipper Series Helicopters

Robinson's R44 Raven Series Helicopters provide excellent reliability, responsive handling, and altitude performance, making the R44 the ideal helicopter for private, business, and utility applications.


Equipped with a Lycoming O-540 carbureted engine, the R44 Raven I offers a balance between performance and affordability. Raven I features carburetor heat assist that enhances safety and reduces pilot workload by automatically adjusting carburetor heat in response to power changes by the pilot.


The high performance R44 Raven II has a Lycoming IO-540 fuel-injected, angle-valve, tuned-induction engine, which eliminates the need for carburetor heat. The standard 28-volt electrical system ensures good starting performance in hot or cold weather, and provides additional electrical power for optional equipment.

After Sales Maintenance

After Sales Maintenance
​Scheduled Maintenance - This is in accordance with the manufacturer's maintenance manual
Non-Scheduled Maintenance – This is done based on pilot’s discrepancy report after a flight

Parts & Materials

​Parts and materials for R44 and R22 and exclusively distributed by Lionair
All spare parts and materials needed to service Robinsons Helicopters are available only at Lionair.


Lionair’s capability to consistently deliver the most competitive private jet prices
and hourly rental rates in the air charter industry is unsurpassed.
Our clients enjoy savings of 20-40% below current market pricing and up to 75% below on empty legs and one way specials.


Minimize Costs and Surcharges


Increase Safety Margins


Elevate Quality of Experience

Take off and landing fee

  • Major Airports
    P 2,000.00 per cycle (R44 & LET410)
    P 3,000.00 per cycle (KINGAIR B200 & C500)
    P 4,500.00 per cycle (CHALLENGER 600)
  • Hotel Intercon
    P 5,000.00 per cycle
  • Sofitel
    P 5,000.00 per cycle

Waiting Time Fee

  • R44 RAVEN I / II
    P 3,500.00 + 12% VAT per hour
  • AS355 F2
    P 8,500.00 + 12% VAT per hour
  • KINGAIR B200
    P 7,500.00 + 12% VAT per hour
    P 8,000.00 + 12% VAT per hour
    P 25,000.00 + 12% VAT per hour

Remain Overnight Fee

  • R44 RAVEN I / II
    P 7,500.00 + 12% VAT per night
  • AS355 F2
    P 10,000.00 + 12% VAT per night
  • KINGAIR B200
    P 8,500.00 + 12% VAT per night
    P 8,500.00 + 12% VAT per night
    P 30,000.00 + 12% VAT per night


  • Aerial Photo Permit
    P 5,000.00 per aircraft
  • Flower Dropping Permit
    P 2,000.00 per aircraft
  • Aerial Survey Permit
    P 10,000.00 per aircraft
  • Movie, Television, Advertisement
    Movie, Television, Advertisement

Other Services

Aerial Photography and Survey
Aerial Survey
Flower Dropping
Movies, TV, Advertisements

Contact Us

For other inquiries regarding prices and availability,
please call us at the numbers listed below.

General information
  • PADC Hangar 5, West Maintenance Area,Manila Domestic Airport, Pasay, Metro-Manila
  • +63 (2) 851-5019, 63 (2) 8513397
  • 0917- 7232327
  • reservations@lionairinc.com | donna.francisco@lionairinc.com
  • Aircraft Sales : +63 (2) 851-1978 | sales@lionairinc.com
    Maintenance : +63 (2) 515-2703 | maintenanceservices@lionairinc.com
Boracay Helicopter Adventure Executive Jets Asia (Charter) Pte. Ltd.
    • LOT AP8, Senai Aviation Park, Senai International Airport 81250 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
    • +60 (7) 733-0466